Psalm 90:10 "The days of our years are threescore years and ten." by King David, The Bible.

Heard about three score & ten when I was a young kid. At that time, it seemed a long way away. Now, am rapidly approaching it:

I reached the grand old of 69, 13th December 2020. I was born 13/12/51 Year of the Metal Rabbit  - (see Memoirs)

Petrarch, (1304-1374) died at 69. At the tender age of 19, I wrote "Petrarch pre-empted what I want to say"  (Songs of Frustrated Lust & Seductionpage17)

69, my beloved William Blake's age when he died

Wagner was 69 when he croaked (very musically, of course.)

Age of Aldous Huxley when he died? You've guessed it: 69 of course!

The late, great Bowie's death was at 69


My little legacy hardly matches theirs.

Not all die of natural causes - Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging at the age of 69.

Lots of people died aged 69, lots didn't!

Not forgetting the french for 69,  Soixante-neuf in its sexual sense (See Japanese "Shunga" picture here), also referred to in an early work, before I'd actually experienced the intimate erotic bliss of it:

"cunnilingus & fellatio

that's quite a mouthful when you're young"

Songs of Frustrated Lust & Seduction (Page 3)

Some, if not all, 69 year olds are, of course, capable of participating in & enjoying such an athletic activity. Thankfully I do!

BTW, the aforementioned book of love poems/ erotic satire, above, has 69 pages!



Love Minus Zero/ No Limit


/a bit limited

(do the math = 69)

can't take no photo of reality
or even an accurate selfie of me
set to maximum beautify
tho I try
don't know why

from agile to fragile
hale to frail
been a while since a smile

what a trial life can be
sometimes seems futile
like a dog chasing its tail
doomed to fail

for some when they dine
a delicious feast
can taste quite vile
even washed down with wine
brings up bile

luckily to me the plainest food's divine
my appetite's increased
at 69

for this chronic bibliophile
on the trail of the Holy Grail
& of course the source of the Nile
high time to set sail
beyond the pale
pierce the veil
before I die

not my style
to wait patiently in line
or pine & wail

guess I need to go that extra mile
metaphorically at least
in this ageing body
sore & frail
poor beautiful beast
soon to be deceased

won't deny
the end might be near
but have no fear
whatever will be will be

at the tender age of 69
anyway nothing's really mine

the clear light of awareness is still fine by me
so that's my latest photo of reality




"Not dark yet but it's getting there"

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13, they say, is lucky for some. For a start, personally, I was born on the 13th. A mixed blessing? Mustn't grumble I suppose. To be more precise, I was born at home on that date, at about 8.55 a.m., am told.

The venerable Thich Nhat Hanh refers to "Continuation" Days rather than Birthdays. Gives one a different perspective. "Continution" refers to the idea of there being no birth & no death. Scientifically speaking, matter can't be created or destroyed, & simply changes form. Before so-called birth, I existed in my mother & father, & in turn their grand-parents & their ancestors, way back to the first protoplasmic life. One could speculate that unborn/undying awareness enters at the moment of conception, when sperm & ovum fuse, thus becoming embodied. Hence, what I call "I" can be characterised in a narrative sense as a "continuation".

So, in terms of name & form, this is currently "my" 69th orbit round old SOL.

PS 14th  December 2020, New Moon:

Yesterday, (dead & gone), rain all day, "auspicious" rain? Today, drew the curtan to reveal sunshine, mainly clear sky, only a few ever-changing, wispy clouds.

69 years PLUS one day old.  I am now in the 69th year of my age. I'm in my 69th year now. Am now as always was, in terms of immaculate, immediate awareness of sheer being, uncluttered by impermanent "stuff" & "non-sense", undamaged by dents & blows of "my" ephemeral, embodied existence.

Taking nothing for granted, I wish to express great gratitude simply for being alive...

Hope not famous last words!

please don't quote me on this...

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all part of reading this hypertext.











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13th December

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