there's fuck-all to do

when you're unemployed

you get depressed

& feel annoyed


things cost money/ I ain't got any/ hey mister rich man/ spare a penny


they print the pound notes

& decide what they're worth

they give the impression

they own the earth


mustn't go there/ unless you can pay/ have heaven in the future/ but not today


if we claimed our share

they'd send in the cops

to protect their property

& guard the shops


how dare they stop us/ we're free to roam/ in this land of ours/ that we call home


the powers-that-be

behave like god

defending their faith

with the riot squad


we've got nothing left/ but the right to fight/ so there's gonna be riot/ on the streets tonight


up with the barricades

down with the law

what's there to lose

when you're one of the poor


forget about bourgeois/ peace & quiet/ we're on the warpath/ there's gonna be riot


we'll burn the banks

& their sacred money

but better link arms

they won't think it's funny


red brown yellow/ black & white/ girls & boys/ we must unite


there's gonna be a riotanimRIOTnew2.gif (73592 bytes)

on the streets tonight

'cos we've got nothing left

but the right to fight


the right to fight/ right to fight/ there's gonna be a riot/ on the streets tonight


there's gonna be a riot

& we'll have some fun

Rome will be burning

before we're done



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"A riot is at bottom the language of the unheard." (Martin Luther King)



new hope for the unemployed