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                               Constructive Criticism?


Please bear in mind that this is a solo effort, a labour of love, offered free as a public service, at personal expense to the creator.

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'seeking the bubble reputation' (Shakespeare)


Some of your kind comments so far:

'exceedingly good' ~ Ted Slade, Poetrykit

'VERY, VERY interesting to read. I've recommended it to all the Book Club people. Really enjoyable, great fun and good graphics.' ~ J.Abrams, College Teacher

'loadsa chillout stuff's worth lookin'...' ~  Children of Kaos, Chillout Zone

'I don't think you qualify for the 'Winner of Worst Website Award 2003' in our books, we have seen much worse :-)' ~ UK Secure Web Hosting

Front Look Hall of  Fame, Runner Up, Best Use of Front Look FX

'Your site is brilliant. I could spend a whole day looking round it.' ~ Jennifer Spadge Bush

'Visited your page for a while & gone dizzy! so much good stuff & lots to think about, & I intend to come back to read more.'... 'Very enjoyable.' ~ Michael Dickinson, British-born Artist & Writer, Istanbul

'Came across your site on IndyMedia, just like to tell you that I enjoyed it very much, I thought it was a great way to get the message across in a satirical sort of way.' ~ Stuart Thompson

'You've a talent alright, Davy, and I've passed many an hour with your stuff." ~  Bill Morrison

'Davy I just took an hour-long dive into your website and find it absolutely delightful, a maze-like web of rich material that moves between the hilarious and the brilliant and the profound with seamless grace and ease, and approaches spirituality with a Dr. Bronner-like mixture of courageous insight and "duh dude!" Fear not my friend, your vibe reaches where it needs to, nothing here has gone to waste.'  'I love them all. whenever I look at your work my heart feels light, there's always an innocent and easy joy and kindness there, with a touch of Whimsy and also a nod toward the sadness of our world.  ~ Chris Jordan, Photographic Artist

'Fun site!' ~ Editor, Webster's Online Dictionary 

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