Songs of Frustrated Lust & Seduction


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I'm sure you know how to! However, for further clarification, Songs of Frustrated Lust & Seduction is written in the tradition of the love-lyric from the Provenšal of Arnaut Daniel ('spot the literary allusions') right up to more provisional modern day graffiti ('filthy scrawls/ fit for public toilet walls'.)

It's a comic homage to that genre, comprising discrete (but indiscreet) pieces, linked thematically & in terms of imagery, in a loose narrative sequence. Each piece is complete in itself & can be read separately, but contributes to & gains from the larger dramatic context.

The (mainly) first-person persona is that of a lust-lorn, ageing adolescent who uses four-, five-, six-, sometimes more-, letter words to express the psychological conflict between libido & superego. Or something.

The book may be considered a quasi-Bildungsroman about coming of age (but not in Samoa), charting an uncertain journey from innocence, or at least inexperience, to a slightly less immature outlook. Perhaps.

It's funny, pathetic & finally moving, in an ironic, faux-na´f manner. This is 'high seriousness' with a sense of humour. Or something. Or other. Make of it what you will.

These brief comments can hardly lay bare the intricacies of such a multi-layered work, but might provide broad guidance. Ultimately, the text speaks for itself. It bears more than one reading. If you can bear it..


Davy King

An Anonymous Critic


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