(In Memoriam Holiday Work in the Spare Parts Department)


here's another paper for the pile

rising like a tower block

growing quicker than a tree

labour of hate and damned futile


but who am I to sit in judgement

a stranger from outside

temporary employee

so recently welcomed to the fold


I'd just be told

I'm not being paid

to take the initiative

I'm being paid

not very much

to do my job


processing and being processed

copying columns endlessly





I'm meant to be creating

order in chaos


I'm meant to be content

to be a cipher in the system


but all this input/output puts me out


time and time again

I watch the clock

hands on a go-slow


tea-breaks slake monotony


but inmates keep away from me

to them I am a raw recruit

and what's more don't even wear a suit


for quarter of an hour they stand at ease


they troop back to their desks

like clockwork soldiers


the manager inspects his claws

vain or maybe insecure

important man

Napoleon on paper making war


regrettably he's had to reprimand me

I must have been a naughty boy

sir want me dressed in uniform

something I wouldn't be seen dead in


what keeps people slaving here

money habit fear or what


I for one am sick and tired

of being numbered

among the bureaucrats

a humble clerk

replaceable part


I don't care if I get fired

just because it's wrong to daydream

gazing out the window at the view

lingering in the loo too long


I don't give a shit about

increasing productivity


as far as I can see

the company's bad company




carved words

bureaucratic sabotage