(of the wheel)


our masters bled us white for rich red wine

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Marie Antoinette said: 'Qu'ils mangent

de la brioche.' Sweet misery!

She came to a sticky end...

and on the labours of our flesh they'd dine

they wouldn't even give us bread

went and lost their heads instead

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DropBlade4.jpg (8454 bytes)   the guillotine was a great success

  but got us in a bloody mess

  we couldn't stanch the artery

  when we threw the dog a marrow bone

  we knew the body was our own



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what happened next is more historyrobespierre.jpg (2805 bytes)

another tyrant stepped in fast

distracting us from nightmares past

promised to relieve our pain

and told us what to do again


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FILE UNDER HISTORY: that's progress...

(March 1871 - 1921)

'Our appeals have been answered with bullets.'

(The Provisional Revolutionary Committee)

Spring's on the cold side this year

seeds asleep in the flower bed

but something is astir


workers striking to get fed

begin to bake their daily bread


the landless serfkronstadtsailorsmall.gif (12412 bytes)


and the sailor boy from sea

say we don't need no soviet

we just want to be free

the Comissar replies O NIET

as yet that cannot be


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'we shall shall shoot them down like partridges'

Comrade Trotsky's got the cartridges




it all seems a little unfair

when thunder of guns splits the air

streets are littered with dead

people mown down like hay

and as poor victims bledsplat1.gif (286 bytes)

the newspapers read



the censor keeps dispatches cursory

on this golden anniversary


leaders far away

timely and ironical

bewail the Paris Commune's tragic fall

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