today's young would-be Byron

works on an assembly-line

assembling lines

with built-in obsolescence

& less sense

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this lyricist is on the make

his dream is that one morning he'll awake

& find himself famous

then he'll go from bed to verse


he fantasizes everyday

adventures of the bard at play

pretending he's bionic Byron

flashy poet flaunting fleshpots

hard at it with a hundred harlots

pausing only briefly to dash off

a full-length epic or perhaps a postcard


he's frantic

to appear Romantic

had his hair curled specially

in case the ladies beg for locks

he practices a limp as well

to look Byronic

he gets histrionic

but donning a Bri-nylon mac

somehow lacks the manner of a swell


he had a trauma in the font

that ruled out the Hellespont

a super-hero could just swim it

the shallow end's about his limit


the Muse he's after wouldn't win

A Beauty Contest

too flat-chested

she's a crone

barely more than skin & bone


his coruscating wit has gone

a little rusty

though in his spare time he puts polish on

ironic rhymes & chronic puns

still they go from bad to worse


so tomorrow's ageing failed Byron

seeks to improvise himself

taking a correspondence course

in how to be well-versed in verse


he's learning Greek by Linguaphone

& has a brochure from the Travel Agents

he boasts he'd fight & die for freedom

yet if the truth were really known

he'd much prefer a peaceful life at home


Little davy king

Byron > Eye-con

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