- Mummy, Daddy, tell me about the Birds & Beasts.

- Well, son, it's like this...


(or how we got where we are today)


Once a pun a Time, & it wasn't a very good time, it looked like Rain.water100.gif (4353 bytes)

And soah, Giddy God told Noah to goah and build an Ark.

And Loah & behold, he did what he was bid.

And he had to get a move on like, since Time waits for no man or woman & the clouds were getting blacker & BLACKER.

But, never fear, for soon the boat was builded &, when the Big Bad Flood did come, they floated safely on the waters of the steadily rising tide.

loadark.gif (2428 bytes)

And all the Animals from Aardvark to Zebra, 2 by 2, each one with a playmate, were all safe & warm & snug inside, & it was such jolly good fun on Noah's Ark, just like in a Yellow Submarine

And after the Dove & the Olive Branch & the Rainbow & all that sort of stuff, there was sunshine after the rain & all the water went down the drain...

And they all went forth & multiplied & 2 times 2 was 4 & 4 times 4 was sweet 16. They bred like Rabbits.

And all the flowers grew again, the birds sang & the bees made lots of lucky 4-leaved clover honey.

And they all lived hippety-hoppety Happily Ever After.


- Ah little man. Be quiet & go to sleep now. Night-Night. Sleep tight. Sweet Dreams. See you in the morning.


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dovepeac.gif (8255 bytes)

LITtle davy


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