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This is your MAN in MANILA, currently demoted to a BOY in the BOONDOCKS.

I've been sent to the metaphorical Siberia of this distant Province on a Special Assignment. In brief, my brief is to dish the dirt on rural life.

First, let me say, there's a lot of it about: DIRT, that is. It's all over the ground. The trouble is, with so much rain recently, it's turned to MUD! And pretty unpleasant stuff that can be too, especially to someone like me, accustomed as I am to city sidewalk. Shiny shoes aren't the most suitable footwear for fieldwork in these conditions. Even the ubiquitous flip-flop has distinct drawbacks when you're in danger of sinking up to your knee. So, I've invested in a pair of Wellingtons, in which to wade thru the slurry. Webbed feet might be handy but they'd take too long to evolve!

It is, as you've probably guessed, the Rainy Season here....water100.gif (4353 bytes)


palmtree.gif (9847 bytes)To be continued, weather permitting






Mrs Marcos millipede

had all the shoes a gal could need


it's only fair she got the boot

but where's Imelda's lovely loot

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Waterpump 2 -the adventure continues!

WelliesCutOutsmall.jpg (21571 bytes)more Philippines


more Water!

more Shoes!



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