"in all probability, the foot is to be taken as an ambivalent symbol. For Jung, it is what confirms Man's direct relationship with the reality of the earth, and he considers that it is frequently phallic in significance. Ania Teilhard points out that, like the hand, it is an essential part of the body and the support of one's entire person...."

(J.E.Cirlot, A Dictionary of Symbols)

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so down-at-heel and stood upon

misunderstood for all these years

it's no small feat

to bear my weight


how could I be so callous to ignore

your handiness

no wonder you get sore


must hop to a chiropodist at once

no pussyfooting

I need pedicure


for I know it may sound corny but

I wouldn't be the same without you foot


and what would shoe-manufacturers do

without you


without you

I couldn't make a pun about the sole


swaddled in my holey cotton socks

kept apart from Mother Earth

almost since you learnt to toddle

rubber's a poor substitute

for naked touch of skin and morning dew


if I were in your shoes

I'd kick them off

and have a ball


you deserve a long hot bath to soak in

a foot massage

or is that masturbation phallic foot


dancing shoes

more footwear



carbon footprint!

big hand (small video, only 14 seconds)

on the other hand




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It took me a while to find my feet. I thought they were in my shoes, but they'd gone for a walk, sockless & free like some latterday Sandy Shaw...