[This site attracts visitors from around the world, so what follows may seem a little parochial to some. Apologies, if so, but actually these are matters of wider concern in that Blair's support of Bush has global ramifications...]

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Election 2005

Here in Britain we are about to witness a General Election, which will decide the next government.

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"The 'choice', now, is between a right-wing, warmongering party of big business and a right-wing, warmongering party of big business. One real difference does remain, however - the leader of one of the parties is a war criminal responsible for major crimes against humanity. "

(MEDIA LENS, March 23, 2005



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So, it will be business as usual then. Of course.

However, if Blair is re-elected, like Bush, he can claim his involvement in the invasion of Iraq has been vindicated.                                                                              

"If Blair wins this election (as appears likely), he will claim, like Bush, that the country supports him in these difficult times. It is for this reason that those who opposed the war must think carefully before they cast their votes. Abstention is not a serious option. The aim should be to return an anti-war majority to the House of Commons. This requires tactical and intelligent voting in every constituency.

Normally, people vote to assert their political sympathies. But this is not a normal general election. It will be the first opportunity to punish the warmongers and, given the undemocratic voting system, the votes cast for the Greens, Respect and others will have no impact, with a possible exception in Bethnal Green and Bow, east London, where George Galloway confronts the warmonger Oona King. It is possible that in some constituencies the Green/Respect vote could ensure the return of a warmonger, as we have seen in the odd byelection. So why not treat this election as special and take the politics of the broad anti-war front to the electoral arena? If the result is a hung parliament or a tiny Blair majority, it will be seen as a victory for our side."


Punish the Warmongers

The Anti-War Front and the British Elections

(quoted from Counterpunch)















The Spanish punished their warmongering leader by voting him out of office, & anything they can do...

Be in no doubt, in the forthcoming election, anyone who votes Labour is supporting a War Criminal. The conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal are unequivocal & by that standard Blair must stand condemned.

Not to accept that is to be in denial or naive.

Blair (& the mainstream media) may try to sweep all that tedious old Iraq stuff under the carpet, but informed voters should think long & hard before rewarding a party which aids & abets anti-social behaviour on such a global scale.

Tony's Brown Nose

Pilger on Blair

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put the squeeze on Mr Blair



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[PS: you could do worse than take that nice Brian Eno's advice & Vote Lib Dem this time...]

Mind you, one might legitimately question how much of a Democracy this is when we are never given the choice to vote about anything very important.

You'll notice that none of the main political parties are proposing to abolish capitalism, get rid of the monarchy (not to mention our own dear Nuclear Weapons, just other people's), or to take drastic action to avert environmental collapse...no, not on your nelly, it's just going to be more of the same, with a few minor options & nuances of style on offer.

And, remember what Bob Dylan sang:

"Democracy don't rule the world,

You'd better get that in your head.

This world is ruled by violence

    But I guess that's better left unsaid."

(Bob Dylan - Union Sundown)

Blair (like his big buddy Bush) knows all about that. Challenged about the invasion of Iraq, he resorts to an end-justifies-the-means argument, which is as morally-dubious as the assertion that Might is Right.(Iraq may be better off without Saddam but it's NOT better off with over 100, 000 civilians killed in an illegal invasion & continuing occupation.)



Any election is based on COMPETITION, confrontation, conflict, when, surely, what we need is more CO-OPERATION & consensus.

Career politicians making a grab for power...it's not a pretty sight (though they try to prettify it, 'cos it's 'all about presentation', innit?)

Again, let good old Bob have the last word: "Don't follow leaders..."

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On a turnout of 61%, the Labour share of the vote was only 36%.

In other words (& numbers), 21% of  the 44 million electorate voted for Blair's party.

Yet, Blair is re-elected. That's DEMOCRACY, British-style.

Perhaps, instead of trying to export Democracy to other countries (like Iraq), Mr Blair should reform this country's electoral system so that it's fairer. But then, of course, he'd be out of a job.

Anyway, such an underwhelming mandate will probably not stop our duly elected War Criminal & his gang from seeking to renew Britain's Nukes, introducing I.D. cards & destroying yet more of our civil liberties...


To put these figures into perspective:

"In 1997, Tony Blair won fewer popular votes than John Major’s Tories in 1992. In 2001, Blair won fewer popular votes than Neil Kinnock’s Labour in 1992. In 2005, Blair won fewer popular votes than the Tories in 1997. The past two elections have produced the lowest turnouts since the franchise. Blair has the support of little over a fifth of the eligible British voting population."

John Pilger