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(a diary of these dark, dire times, direct from a council house, deep inside Blair's terrorist state):


Monthly Mix

         March 25th: What mustn't be forgotten in our focus on Iraq is that this conflict is only an extreme example of the logic of capitalism (& Empire) & that all the other major global problems ( eg pollution, poverty, starvation etc) persist each & every day. Indeed, while everyone watches Iraq, there is a danger that we are being distracted from other equally important issues...     

           March 23rd: Have I really woken up or is this a nightmare?surrender4.gif (36962 bytes)

What must it be like for the people of Iraq? 'A living hell' ... 'horror'... how inadequate the words & clichés to convey the psycho-physical reality they face.

To think about it, try to imagine...feel even the slightest empathy makes me sick, ill...but from that comes a determination to oppose this war, this massacre, this mass-murder & to fight by all non-violent means against the politicians who have created such unnecessary suffering.


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the real face of war

(what they won't show you on British & American TV)



Civil disobedience can take many forms. Indeed, it’s necessary to use all non-violent means possible. The more creative the better, as War itself represents a lack or failure of imagination…

A diversity of tactics provides much-needed entertainment. The following example may seem like a bit of a sick joke, but is nonetheless a sane (if not exactly joyful) response to the nauseating obscenity of the current ongoing mass-murder of innocent civilians in the name of liberation, democracy & other cherished Western values!

The San Francisco Chronicle (Friday 21 March) reports:

About 20 young people calling themselves Pukers4Peace emptied the plaza in front of the Federal Building with a street performance -- of induced vomiting.

"Militarism makes me sick," said Don Abbott, a Contra Costa College journalism student who headed the group. "Puking is the most disgusting display of emotion that is still legal. We've gotten flack from other protesters, but we are past trying to appeal to people's sensibilities."

The group splattered its message between 7 and 10 a.m., but pools of vomit still covered much of the plaza at mid-afternoon. Everyone who came within yards reeled away, fingers on noses.

"My puddle is the longest-lasting one," proudly declared Lauren Errea, a UC- Berkeley student.

          March 22nd: More loud protests in the streets - here & round the world. Good exercise!

      March 21st:

At last the show we've all been waiting for!

blitz3.gif (26634 bytes)

Democracy dropped on a grateful Iraqi people...

                 Notice the distinctive mushroom cloud. An apéritif for Armageddon.

Tomahawk Missiles: axes of evil, hatchets of hate...

          March 20th:

as war begins

the price of oil

has fallen

people RISE

              Went out marching with whistle & drum. Blocked some roads.

              Failed to stop war!

March 18th: On high alert...for the beginning of 'Shock & Awe'... the world waits in dread, in fear & loathing...

Watching live webcast of ParLIARment. Outside the House (the so-called Commons), the people (the Common People) are protesting for Peace. And do our elected 'representatives' listen? NO! This war has no democratic mandate. It is a product of the sick, empathy-deficient, unbalanced minds of a few ageing men. Now, I may be an ageing man, but I'm glad my mind wages all-out Peace on the world. They may kill me but my conscience is relatively-clear & I am happy to have lived my life opposed to violence & all forms of bullying.

March 17th: Die-in! But I refused to just lie down & die. Instead I stood up for my rights. Wore a black armband to mourn the bodies strewn on the ground at the entrance to the Army Recruitment Office. Police conspicuously present to remind us who's in charge.

March 16th:

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              March 14th: Burning the candle at both ends for Peace!

Another busy day at the cyber-barricades. Let's hope all this virtual activity will have some concrete impact 'out there' in 'Real Life'.

usflagplusmaller2it2.gif (19243 bytes)

When Lenin reputedly said that the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we'll hang them (gruesome image & I'm against Capital Punishment - tho all for Punishing Capitalists!), he couldn't possibly have imagined it might come in the form of the Internet...

The Web is our Weapon of Mass Discussion!

      March 13th:

Each day's delay in the start of war is a day longer of life (more likely living-death) for those who are about to die in Iraq (children, elderly, the poor predominantly)...

March 11th:

moabshock.gif (12251 bytes)                                         M.O.A.B.

'the Mother (sic) of all Bombs'

'successfully' (sick, sick, sick) tested

(see below, March 7, for more about this 21,000pound monster)

      March 8th:

Today, I spent 20 minutes face-to-face with David Blunkett, my MP & also Home Secretary in the British Government. I told him straight. Having made sure I was well-informed (ie actually acquainted with the facts of the matter), I spoke from my heart. I tried to speak on behalf of those who are about to die in Iraq.

I hope the echo of my voice will nag his conscience.

I'll write more about what I said to him & his feeble (let's be honest) replies, as soon as I get time.
(Or maybe NOT!)

Meanwhile, here's the e-mail I sent him as follow-up to our meeting:

Dear Mr Blunkett,

Thank-you for meeting me.

I trust you will read the documents I gave you. Also, please seek out 'Project for a New American Century' & 'A Clean Break, A New Strategy for the Realm', which should be essential reading for every member of Cabinet (especially Jack Straw & Mr Blair). These are what inform the Foreign Policy of the present American Administration.

Also, think hard about what I said concerning the petro-dollar. And explain to me why Britain isn't supporting the petro-Euro.

Above all, re-examine your conscience hard.

- This war IS illegal (vide Nuremberg Tribunal, UN Charter).

- The UN resolution about protecting children from war (passed in 2000) stands & is subject of an EDM in Parliament.

- UN Resolution 687 named Israel as well as Iraq as countries that must dispose of WMDs.

The new Bush doctrine of pre-emptive strike (& political assassination) is disruptive of International order & can equally be applied against the USA & UK.

The sine qua non of any morality is the categorical imperative or Golden Rule (do unto others as you would be done by). So if Britain invades another country, it's OK for another country to invade us. That's the logic!

Within weeks British soldiers will be walking into Depleted Uranium dust-storms.... (from the last Gulf War), while 'Coalition' planes are dropping more D.U.

800 Cruise Missiles will be launched in the first 48 hours. Daisy-cutter & M.O.A.B. bombs will be used. By the UNs own estimate, the number of casualties (deaths) will be massive. There will be a humanitarian disaster on a scale not even Saddam has managed.

If, as a member of HM Government, you support this, you are as culpable of War Crimes as Mr Blair.

As Home Secretary, you will be faced with the consequences of increased Terrorism & great civil unrest.

You will not be representing the will of the people of Sheffield by supporting this war.

Use the influence you have to oppose this war. Resign now. Failing that you will fall with Blair. I write this to you with a very heavy heart, having been a lifelong Labour supporter. (I told you I canvassed for Jack Straw in Islington 70/71).

The worldwide opposition to this war is solid, hard & determined.

Bush is splitting the UN, Europe, & the Labour Party.

Please use the intelligence I'm sure you have AND the heart I know you have to make History & take a stand against this obscene oil war.

You will be rewarded with the sincere THANKS (& votes) of millions.

We all want to live in peace, so don't start a war! Daily I receive e-mails from Iraq telling me that ordinary Iraqi people don't want to have bombs dropped on them. Bush is the last person qualified to talk about democracy. Democracy is not dropped on people from 30,000 feet in the form of high-explosives.

I could outline to you at least TEN alternative scenarios to war that would actually get rid of Saddam Hussein (who will DIE soon, anyway) & help the Iraqi people without destabilising the region.

But, probably, my MP isn't really interested in hearing any more from one of his little constituents.

Re-examine your conscience & also acquaint yourself with the inconvenient FACTS which go against this dangerous war. Remember: violence is never a good solution. It may solve one problem temporarily but always creates other problems. War always has unintended & unforeseen consequences. History shows that, & we all know how important History is to Mr Blair!

Yours sincerely,

Davy King

March 7th: What fun, happy times we live in! The miracle of life, world full of wonders...what shall we do with all this potential? I know, let's make some new & better WEAPONS!


moabwmd.gif (19111 bytes)

"a new, 2nd generation, ten ton large, low air burst bomb…called MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) simply uses more of the  slurry of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum.  In dry, dusty conditions, the Daisy Cutter produces a mushroom cloud similar to that created by a nuclear explosion (and for the same reason, the sheer size of the explosion creates an upward pull that sends up a "mushroom" of smoke and dust on a column of smoke). In addition to a more   powerful explosion, MOAB doesn’t need a parachute, like the Daisy Cutter, but uses a GPS (like JDAM) and an aerodynamic body to detonate the bomb at a precise area. Thus the MOAB can be dropped from a higher altitude (like outside the range of machine-guns and rifles). Like the Daisy Cutter, MOAB is shoved out the back of a cargo aircraft (usually a C-130, but since the MOAB uses GPS and higher altitude drops, the C-17 can probably be used as well.) MOAB is a highly destructive and terrifying weapon. If used in Iraq, it would demoralize any Iraqi troops in the vicinity who survived the explosion. The force of a MOAB explosion is sufficient to knock over tanks and kill any people within several hundred meters of the detonation….for the moment, MOAB, using pretty old fashioned technology, is the biggest non-nuclear bomb around."

Sounds like a Weapon of Mass Destruction to me...Of course, I'm no expert...

Oh, by the way, in case you haven't already guessed, yes it's Made in the Good Old U.S. of A. (NB 70% of the world's weapons are manufactured in America!)

March 6th: Received the following obscene, junk-mail...from the USA, of course,



There is increased tension in the Middle East and our continuing war on terrorism is extending into Iraq.  It is not if, but oil prices hit new highs!


Can you imagine turning a $5,000 investment into $25,000 in one month?  It can happen...


Are you tired of the Stock Market? Trade futures and the possiblity of big returns is there!


Find out how you can profit as well by trading futures & options on the New York Mercantile Exchange.


Just small investment, one large return

And we're told the invasion of Iraq is NOT about OIL! A reminder, if any is needed, that war is good for business. That's how capitalists view the prospect of war: not just business as usual but, even better, a positive opportunity to make a KILLING!

However, heartening to hear of numerous acts of civil disobedience taking place round Britain (& the rest of the world.) Laughed out loud about the heap of horse-shit deposited at the entrance of  Labour Party Headquarters. (Good compost for the red roses!) Truly creative to combine humour & protest in such a way: satire on the streets indeed!

March 5th: Ash Wednesday (reminds me - must empty ashtray!) Will alleged Christians Bush & Blair give up war for Lent (or the other way round)? Born-again, bomb-again! Smart Bombs & Stupid Leaders!

March 4th: Mardi Gras but not much celebration chez moi.

Spent some time disseminating this simple message to as many anti-war groups as I could find:

Here in the West we often dismiss/ignore the Filippino people, but they have provided excellent examples from which we can learn.

Twice in recent history, the Filippino people have managed to depose despotic presidents thru PEOPLE POWER.

Thousands upon thousands of Filippinos surrounded the palace...

& the presidents fell!

Now, let us try this tactic: CONVERGE ON DOWNING STREET. And don't go away..

No more words/slogans, even reasoned arguments, are necessary. Just converge on Downing Street & take a stand. The media will be there...

Simple innit, as often the best ideas are! Totally non-violent. No need to travel to out-of-the-way air-bases like Fairford (see below). Enjoy the sights of a major metropolis, just maintain a patient, overwhelming presence right around Mr Blair. This is called: taking our bodies to the heart of power! Amen.

Also, wrote to the Pope, Cherie Blair, Nelson Mandela, the one does...tiny drops in the ocean, but the tide of dissent is rising! Soon a Tsunami...

March 3rd (03/03/03): Time marches on...marching as to war...

B52 Bombers are arriving in Britain (Airstrip One) as I write... Fortunately, there are a few dedicated protesters to 'welcome' them at Fairford (which, incidentally, is near where my mother was born - but enough fascinating autobiographical facts!) B2(Stealth) Bombers due soon... & there's nothing we can do democratically to prevent this. The US & UK, while suppressing the democratic will of their own people, pretend they are going to impose democracy on the population of another country (Iraq, in this case) by dropping bombs.

Already bombing is increasing in the no-fly zones, an insidious escalation to all-out war. This is US/airpowersm4.gif (24751 bytes)UK terrorism against a weaker country. Sheer bullying.

(taken from propaganda leaflet dropped on Iraq)

Blunkett's announcement of an anti-terrorist exercise in central London (simulating a 'dirty bomb' - biological, chemical, nuclear - ostensibly to test the response of the emergency services) is designed to create FEAR in the populace, conflating terrorism with Iraq... stand by for a 'confession' by the recently caught Al Qaida bigwig confirming such a link...

March 1st: St. David's Day!

The horoscope happened to catch my eye this morning. Under my sun sign, I'm described as 'somewhere between court jester & shaman'. Suits me. Whether that applies to approximately a twelfth of the world's population is another matter. If it did, the world might be a better place!

The Guardian (British broadsheet - in case any international readers wonder) has a harried looking Prime Minister on the front page & headlines his rather grandiose (nearly wrote GROSS) rhetoric. Galvanized by indignation, I improvised a brief diatribe on Indy Media's 'newswire':

THE HISTORY MAN (past his sell-by date)


The increasingly messianic (not to mention manic) Blair now proclaims 'History will be my judge'. But that's his story.

Before History gets round to it, PEOPLE will be his judge, jury & metaphorical executioner.

'History' is an idea. People are real. People are here & now, not in some supposed future.

Many of us have already judged Blair & found him wanting.

When the people have judged, Blair will be History in another sense. Let's make sure that Day of Judgement comes swiftly for him.

It's said that History is written by the victors. (Had Hitler won, the Nazi version of events would have become the acknowledged orthodoxy.) It's obvious the version that Blair/Bush would have us believe & we've already seen how accurate their account of the recent past has been - the distortions, omissions & downright lies presented as gospel truth.

We are making History ourselves & outnumber Mr Almighty Blair by millions!


Further, it occurs to me: There are many histories. A history is a 'fiction' & can only be selective. A lot depends on who's telling the story. And History, of course, is subject to revision, in the light of more information & changing contexts.

Our Great Leader might wish to consider what some other historical figures have said:

'Go where you belong from now on - into the dustbin of history!' (Leon Trotsky)

'history is on our side. We will bury you.' (Kruschev)

'history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes & misfortunes.' (Voltaire)

'the happiest nations, have no history.' (George Eliot)

I particularly like that last one. You, brutal reader, may disagree with me, but, don't forget, History will be my judge. So there!

Finally, whatever Blair's opinion about history & his place in it, when it comes to GEOGRAPHY, he should concentrate rather more on Britain (& that includes Northern Ireland). Let him solve some problems HERE, instead of creating an unnecessary crisis elsewhere.


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