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Of yore some hearts were in the Highlands

now ours are in the Falkland Islands


from Britain to those blessed isles

it’s more or less 8000 miles


yet by rights we claim they’re ours

game to the last like the super powers


when diplomatic efforts fail

the senior service must set sail


we mean to prove we can be meaner

than the macho men of Argentina


meet force with force or we’ll look weak

only sissies turn the other cheek


if you ask your average punter

he’ll say confront the jumped-up Junta


send a fleet with Union Jackunionjack.gif (9780 bytes)

to seize the damned Malvinas back

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the bulldog straining at its chain

chases an Empire once again


this show of strength for your enjoyment

made better news than unemployment


neutral penguins in that stretch of water

took a dim view of the slaughter


patriots partial to a fight

proudly praised the stirring sight


muchos gauchos mocked ‘El Gringo’

but look who won the war by Jingo!


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(1982: broadcast on BBC Radio One & issued as red, white & blue postcard)

MOVIE Version




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