I watched the cold, grey sea's unchanging surge
Along the line of sand;
I saw the swirling mist-veils merge
The sky with sea with land.
A solitary seagull spun
Down-wind, out from shore ...
And thus, of old, I thought, stood one,
Incredulous before
That first and faint and far-off sound
Of a Roman oar.


"There are prehistoric, Iron Age, Roman, and Saxon settlement remains on the peninsula around Ebbsfleet Farm, which may have also been the landing stage for the Roman ferry across the channel to Richborough. Archaeologists suggest that Pegwell Bay was the site of both Roman invasions of Britain. Claudius landed his army at Richborough on the other side of the channel, to start his invasion of 43 AD, and it became a major port of Roman Britain." (Wikipedia)

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