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The Match



Parting 1940

Coal Patterns


Ebbsfleet Kent

Brick Horizons

Random Doodles

The Last Bouquet

Seascape Evening

Remembrance Day

The Great Obscure

Project Earth (Story)

Bulldozer on the Shore

To Be As One With God

A Hole in A Field (Story)

Brave Night Out (Story)

A Plea For the Old Ones

Dawn in a Bluebell Wood

The Pharos (Dover Castle)

There's a Moral Somewhere

Today has never been before

The Ultimate Deterrent (Story)

To an Old Coat on Giving It Away

St. Paul's (London May 11th 1941)

Ode To A Snowdrop During Wartime

Thoughts on the Immutability of Matter

I have brought you to the threshold of life

Ode to the Full Moon during an ďAlertĒ, 1942

Ode to Goldie, the Golden Eagle on its 10th Day of Freedom




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More info about  my father, Celtic

(Note on Namur name - my dad was born on day, 6 February 1915, the British won victory at a battle in the Belgian town of Namur in World War One. Previously, 7 of his brothers had all been named John but died of TB, a prevalent disease of the poor in those days.)

Later, my father volunteered for the British Expeditionary Force in 1939 & was subsequently evacuated at Dunkirk. Later  posted in the Falkland Islands, as it was feared at the time the Japanese would invade S.America.)

Brief Excerpt from last letter my father wrote me.


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