This is, no doubt, stating the  bleedin' obvious but...  



                              When you see this sign


or this



or even this


(& no doubt more coming soon, as they say)

It conveys the information that the page is still being built & indicates further work is planned.

Please bear with me. I only have one pair of hands. Am no 1000-armed Chenrezig, which is just as well as I'd probably get my limbs in a twist.


Click pic?

Actually, each & every page needs improvement!

Revisions, editing etc will all be carried out in due course.


This is very much a work in progress, or rather Work in Progress to use James Joyce's working title for Finnegans Wake (during the 17 years of its creation.)

Without wishing to sound pretentious or grandiose (probably do anyway), this here (hear) websight is my Finnegans Wake, as it were. Work/ play in progress, far easier to read than F.W.

It is a complex HYPERTEXT, constructed of hyperlinked words & images, that would take you a lifetime (or 2) to explore properly, in depth, breadth & detail.

If you have a grasshopper mind (or even better, Joycean "Grace-hoper"), here you have full permission to jump from hyperlink to hyperlink (on underlined words & some images) & see where it leads you.  Beckettian "strange journeys" I expect.



Ashleigh Brilliant from "I may not be perfect but parts of me are excellent, and other brilliant thoughts"


Way back in 2002 (2020 now as I write this), created my Domain Name (*), my little kingdom. As I feel forced to repeat, despite my regal surname, I am certainly no royalist (here's proof of lèse-majesté, if you need it.)

* created 20/02/2002, coincidentally my first & only son's Birthday in 2011. Serendipity indeed!

Website conceived & from embryo idea, that same year, emerged into the world-wide-web, born small but perfectly formed & has been growing ever since. By the very nature of the beast, it will never be finished, though Yours Truly, humble progenitor, will eventually have to let go of it, when I can work or play no more. I quite understand that building work, website building that is, could get too much for me, though it does develop one’s mental muscles as it were. Anyway, just as well, I experience this kind of work as disciplined play. There is much trickster fun to be had.


Up to you how you construe this construction!


Hardly needs pointing out this page is, of course, unfinished, under construction. It will be added to, as time allows & inspiration occurs...

But then, remember, talking of “inspiration,” Edison, who had a lightbulb moment or two (tho I prefer the real genius of Tesla, so shoddily treated), went on about the perspiration, or sheer hard work, that subsequently usually has to accompany the initial flash of inspiration. The laid-back layabout in me might easily get the better hand.


Anyway, have at least made a start




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