Osker Aidyn King



First & only son was born at home, 4 am on Sunday 20th Feb 2011, after a 69 hour labour starting at the Full Moon (as I predicted more accurately than gynaecologist), during a period when the planet was being bathed in solar particles from the recent massive flare from centre of the sun. Also, it snowed during this time - for first time here since December. He was born at the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Metal Rabbit, co-incidentally same zodiac animal as me in 1951 (a pleasing symmetry). On Aquarius-Pisces cusp.
Ineffable thanks to my brave beloved consort (without whom none of this would have been possible!) who endured the pain of childbirth with indomitable fortitude & determination.
The miracle of birth indeed!

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Aged 9

Born 20/02/2011

Memoirs#oak - as baby

2011, with Dad in sling

Acorn - 3 months?

Toddler in woods

At 2

Riding a Donkey - Aged 3

King of the Wild Frontier  - Aged 3

Angel  - Aged 4

Treehugger - age 5

Trees Protest - age 5

With Corbyn - aged 7

At 7 - naked!


Holding knitted rabbit - aged 9

Cherry Blossom aged 10

New Guru#oak at 10


Wanted to make reference to Oscar Wilde - he's certainly a wild child but Oscar King would have produced the grating, jarring juxtaposition "carking" (a word which means causing distress or worry) which I didn't want, besides I think there are too many cars. Visual pattern of repetitive alliterative Ks.

Is "kerking" any better? Corking might have been best!

Coincidentally, he was born Year of Metal Rabbit like me. Funnily enough we both enjoy carrots.

Discover the Chinese Year of whatever animal, here


I read somewhere that Aidyn 'means'  fire. Our son certainly enjoys starting fires. One could say fire is his middle name. He loves starting fires!


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Puddle Dancing, 3 years young


Initial Reaction



A to O

Page & Child both STILL GROWING...









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