My consort is no


She's a rather crafty

Don't KNIT YOUR BROWS to decipher that


She KNIT our son OAK, born Year of the Rabbit, this cute woollen Rabbit

Aged 9-ish

She is very clever when in comes to crafts like knitting, crochet, sewing, clothes-making, that sort of thing



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crochet figures

gnome Chomsky:



harry potter:



kokeshi japanese doll




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macrame tree of life:

 Crochet Dress


She's an expert at Carving Pumpkins. These are just a few of the Jack o'lanterns she's made at Hallowe'en.






  Pumpkin pie anyone? Food?


Something for every season, (etc). Eg Yuletide Wreathe


Crochet a Snowflake, each one different







Beautiful black & brown fleece. Now needs to be spun & knitted. Enough there for  a few jumpers, scarves etc. Warm for winter. In other words, we weren't fleeced!

She has a Bog Oak Turkish spindle (sourced from the East Anglian fenland basin. The Bog Oak has been carbon dated to 3300 BC so is more than 5000 years old. The logs were excavated from a sunken forest caused by a rise in sea level that started about 7, 000 years ago (cf Tuvalu.)


MACRAME in Garden, melodious with birds. Dragon tattoo on left upper back.


 Knitting can be political

Wool Against Weapons

 /nuke         /warpeace

Consort folding Clothes Video

Consort Digging It Video

Cooking - vegan cheese-making etc. Cake & other Food?


Page needs patching.

Actually, am still in laborious process of knitting this page


Nailed it? Or screwed?









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