There’s a Moral Somewhere !

By some strange and mindless quirk
Evolution is berserk.

Life is suddenly improved
As Human Beings are removed.

Fish are flying through the air,
Swallows swim beneath the wier;

Tigers are the world’s tycoons,
Government is by baboons;

Porpoises now pilot planes,
Elephants are cleaning drains;

Parrots in the pulpit prate,
Penguins strut as Heads of State;

There is no garbage now that goats
Provide disposal down their throats;

The shady world of Stocks and Shares,
Of course, controlled by bulls and bears;

In Courts, the lion, with firm paw,
Lays down the letter of the Law;

And, for a wonderful Police Force,
What could be better than the horse?

Camels, bibulous, survive
Because they never drink and drive;

Most humans are quite wild and free
Some tamed for domesticity.

Poor Homo, not now Sapiens,
Is kept by cows in barns and pens;

But for the wild, there is no fear
Of stylish Hunts by fox or deer;

The world is better off, by far,
At least, there is no SPECIES BAR!

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