Mucky, messy, cartoonish sketch, hurriedly drawn & clumsily coloured 

(crayon,  paint, pastel?) on white postcard

as a callow teen in Birchington-on-sea, Isle of Thanet

Sea  Seagull Sky Cloud Cliffs

realistic, impressionist, expressionist, abstract (?)

difficult to say,

damaged over the decades


Scan of original recently digitally rescued (enhanced, improved) to some extent by kind consort Kay

Young O.K. helped choose colours.

In this respect, we were emulating David Hockney, who was using Photoshop from 2003.



PS Thanet is along the coast from DOVER but has White cliffs as well, if not bluebirds. Turner went there to paint sunsets. Have read that he said "the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe." Certainly I saw many beautiful sunsets spread across the western sky over the sea to the horizon, on summer evening walks on the cliff path. Didn't have paint-brushes & canvas, not even a sketchbook, with me at the time, alack. Inspired love of Nature in this melancholy teenager. Felt so romantic to a lovelorn adolescent..... but I digress as usual, as one does.

 Joseph Mallord William Turner: Sunset on the Coast at Margate

click pic?

Obviously I didn't attempt a sunset in my teenage daub, as it was a different time of day!








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Hüttengriffe by Wolfgang Muthspiel, Scott Coley & Brian Blade on Angular Blues


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