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Large Magellanic Cloud




Unless you have fast  broadband, this may take a while to load, as it's a big digital file. Be patient. It's worth it. Compared to the age of the Universe & the time ancient starlight takes to reach us, it's a mere snap of the fingers!


A Translation of Buddha's Flower Sermon into Fruit

(Cosmic Version)

Duration only 01:10 mins

It is estimated that the Universe as a whole has lasted longer

(ironical understatement?)


At the end of the film, witness how briefly this name (Davy King) lasts, compared to the age of the Universe. And just as my NAME blinks out of existence, so does my ephemeral FORM. Flickers out so quickly. 'Brief candle' indeed. No sooner come than relatively instantaneously gone! There's a lesson for me there. Yet the diamond awareness shines on...





All deep space images courtesy of Hubble Telescope. BIG thanks to NASA & European Space Agency.


Better quality mp4 version of the gif above. Can be viewed full screen.



Treat yourself to the complete aesthetic experience, unconstrained by considerations of space. Actually, I thought I did quite well to fit those vast constellations into the frame at all.



a is for


a translation

apple hub page



performing dog







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