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A Translation of Buddha's Flower Sermon

Translation (video of apple performance)

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Apple Core Encore

Apple Blossom Time

An Apple for Teacher

Forbidden fruit -fundamentalist fun

Finally, for you non-conformists when it comes to fruit: Bananas!


Apple Records had an important, positive influence on me in my teens.

Big fan of The Beatles.


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And now just for fun, Beatles' Apple Boutique poster, suitably "cosmic"!


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Original poster by the art collective The Fool. The poster was designed for the Apple Boutique in 1967.


APPLE CORPS (pronounced Apple Core) is a pun. Frequent visitors to, fans, devotees even, of this site may have noticed I'm rather fond of puns.

Its logo, a Granny Smith, rather than my Golden Delicious. Same difference.

Now, an apple core is a corpse, in a sense. Waiting to be reborn, as its offspring. The seeds of rebirth are in its pips. To quote myself (& why not?): "each apple core's an orchard or may be."

Each pip a would-be apple tree.




If you plant a pip, a virtuous circle/ cycle can begin again. We don't want a vicious one do we (as the late punk, Sid, no doubt belatedly realised, when he eponymously conflated assumed surname & self-harming propensity - poor guy, however monetarily-rich & notorious he briefly became)?

But I digress.


As I do.

And why not (to quote Timothy Leary's alleged, famous last words)?

Don't get me started on pistils (as opposed to sex pistols) in apple blossom! Though that's more relevant to the theme of this page, namely apples.

As you probably learned in Apples 101 ( as opposed to 101 Dalmations), Apples come from Apple Trees.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered this the hard way, in a eureka moment (part of his manuscripts were in fact written in Greek & they are certainly Greek to me!)

He watched the fall of apple from the tree to the ground (in the apocryphal version of the famous story, it hit his head, knocked some sense into him) & came up with (down with?) the idea of gravity. Excuse my customary levity, while recounting this fascinating info. I know you already know. It's not the jokes, it's the way you tell 'em.

This historic, scientific anecdote was obviously not lost on Steve Jobs, who co-designed the first Apple Logo:



quick click pic for Newton's Birthday - he shares it with some other notable people


I like the sententious quotation from Wordsworth round the frame periphery:

“Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought”

[Aside:  Yours Trulycan be seen doing something on strange seas of thought here, all in the mind.]

In retrospect, it's obvious why this rather fetching logo was superseded, supplanted. It has a nostalgic appeal to this self-confessed tree-hugger but Mies van der Rohe had a point when he opined less is more.



(Rob Janoff, 1977)


Nice typeface but even better without:



Big RAINBOW fan, who isn't? ROYGBIV, a bit mixed up.

Note metaphorically meaningful bite taken out. Bite & byte (another pun!)

Painted it black (Rolling Stones this time not Beatles), back in 1998:



That persists till now. Here, I have it still on my iMAC below. Screen shows my Apple page. This is getting a bit incestuously obsessive or something, don't you think? 



But remember The Stones' "it's just a shot away"...

Coming back full circle (this one vicious) to The Beatles above, by tragic irony, Lennon was assassinated ( 8  December 1980) in NYC, the city he lived in & loved.


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(PS BTW Macintosh computers were named after the McIntosh apple, an all-purpose apple suitable for cooking & eating raw.)




Now, compost that apple core. Each pip could grow into a tree!



Crazily-paved text brought to you by your notorious rappy, happy & glorious


other fruit

food in genera

an apple for teacher






(File under Fruit & Veg?)







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