Can be viewed full screen. Depending on the speed of your broadband, may buffer initially. If the video takes a little while to load, please be patient. Hopefully, it might be worth it. Remember, it's reckoned that light from those constellations took billions of years to reach our eyes. Surely one can wait a few minutes more. Think of it as a kind of cosmic contemplation.


Awareness, stillness, silence, ever-changing space


Photo of Yours Truly, Apple & Audience (viewer rather than listener) depicts a timeless moment, over in an instant, now frozen 'forever', against the unimaginable immensity of a cosmic background, ever-evolving over a vast span of time. Think about it or, better still, allow yourself to be teased out of thought altogether (to adapt Keats' phrase), as art at its' best can occasionally achieve. (Not suggesting this is 'art at it's best', but I did do my 'best'! Go on then (or rather now), glimpse eternity. Savour & enjoy. Chew it over slowly. Really taste that fruit. It ain't forbidden! If I sometimes conflate the Comic & Cosmic, bear in mind (mindfully or mindlessly), it's a Divine Comedy.




Apple Cosmos (Hubble images & little me with apple)

 A Translation of Buddha's Flower Sermon

 Translation (video of apple performance)

 Apple (apple artwork with text)

 Apple Core Encore

Apple Hub Page







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