Costume & props properly explained, in case you are more than casually curious:
















If you'll allow me a Poetic Licence, I'll take this thing off!

L for Love? Learner certainly. The hard way usually.




(Cuff held in place by Rubber Band. This enabled me to take it off, unfold cuff, hold it up like a piece of paper & declare):

I could make some off the cuff remarks but I think I'll stick to the script!

Reliably raised a laugh, & sometimes even got a groan.

















Heart on Sleeve! Showing openess & honesty. Unlike Shakespeare's Iago, I am what I am. However, I do have to be a bit careful about Jackdaws pecking at it!


The late, &, in many quarters, unlamented Margaret Thatcher said she was against wearing her heart on her sleeve ("To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best.Ē) Some would say, with justification, she'd have been a much nicer person if she had softened hers. Millions of us were, unfortunately, at the receiving end of her not inconsiderable callousness.


To be continued...


This is my soapbox but I'll try not to give you any soft soap.

Adds inches to your height.




Other Theatrical Accoutrements:




Water Pistol

TV Headset

Daffodils Prop

Davy Crockett Hat

In Birthday Suit?

Apple Hub Page









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