Acataphasia the end. Can't find the word.

Words desert me. Words. Desert.





Er err


The Word

Wordless Translation

'words desert'

A cat, wordless? 

A cat (2) - Schrödinger's

A cat (3)Schrödinger's?  



A to O

Alphabet Soup - the world of letters


'sometimes desert'

'the rest desert'

'just desert'

'desert sand'


words my truant guides'

words & silence

Quaker silence?

'Stain upon the silence'

my heart in silence


Deaf & Dumshow

Silence drives me up the wall

Still in silence

Beyond the powers of Modern Silence

Silence is Golden

Awareness, stillness, silence, ever-changing space

Loud Words against the Conspiracy  of Silence

Worth a Thousand Words


'Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent'


PS Forgot the TheSAURUS (Greek for Lizard)

"the rest is silence"








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