Waiting Patiently


for Godot


Waiting for the Bomb to Drop (- name of abandoned book or 'novel' I started writing way back in those old blessed antique days and nights of the 1970s, consisting of  short paragraphs, fragments, in style of Richard Brautigan or so I imagined. He was popular at the time & I was reading him. Poor rich guy, came to a bad end, despite his publishing success, blew his brains out, aged only 49!)

ie Waiting patiently for Death or rather not waiting for any thing, letting go of waiting and just being purely aware, as one is.

Sad to say, it (the Bomb, ie Nuclear Oblivion) is still hanging over our heads as it were. Death ever-present for all living beings. Feel truly lucky to be alive.

The threat/ fear of Nuclear Oblivion has been with me since the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962). I was traumatised by that and by my father's death in 1968.

With Launch on Warning we are only minutes away from...

Mutual Assured Destruction

Doomsday Clock is ticking nearer midnight.

Bright flash of light. Won't know what hit us


Non-dual LIGHTof blitz/ bliss?

(25th April 2022)





Trinity Test









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Miles Davis (with Robben Ford) - New Blue & Maze


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