UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

31 OCT - 12 NOV 2021

(UK - uck?)

COP stands for Conference of the Parties, and the summit was attended by the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - a treaty that came into force in 1994, making this the 26th since then, due in 2020, postponed because of Covid.



stop for a start

have a heart

life's at stake

put on the brake


don't take-take-take


trees & animals

for goodness sake

breaking hearts

eating meat


simply stop-stop-stop

not continue to shop-shop-shop

till we drop-drop-drop

on the floor

always demanding more-more-more

why not swop-swap-swop

change in exchange



all the slop-slop-slop

of floods & rising tides


bar cars on rides to the terminal

oppose those unnecessary flights

on a crash course for extinction

& we all might survive

a small while


meeting in a metaphorical big top

what a circus

we're getting rid of animals galore

Aesop would be in a strop

anthropomorphic characters

from a modern fable

end up on the dinner table

escapees from Animal Farm

coming to harm

our blood relations

dead flesh

merely meat to eat



suffering undeserved defeat

for wealth not health


taking more-more-more

from a concrete jungle

destroying habitat

not where it's at

vast wilderness reduced to park

soon no wood left to build an ark


dire zoonotic


makes us ill

& seems to ire us

wire us

mire us

tire us

in a world on fire


it's been a con of a conference

a flop-flop-flop

so much blah-blah-blah

just more jaw-jaw-jaw


war on climate change

war on nature

war on drugs

we know what wars cause


knocked to the the floor

by tsunamis of data

they still say later-later-later

like any good procrastinator

homo not so sapiens

deluded global dominator

extractivist not activist


this sophisticated hip hop

won't bring things to a full stop

lyrics OK

but no music to which we can bop

it's not pop


putting voice to our choice

mighty Amazon

river or corporate consumer capitalist champion


who feels any pride at ecocide

victory or defeat

oil spoils

we have been fossil fuel fools

greenwash tosh won't cut it any more

talking a lot of hot air about alt energy

balking at less is more


our human condition

more blah-blah-blah

naked beneath costumes & props


yet please don't forget to smile

cop out is a way to cope

denial for a while

old or new hope


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COP usually denotes policeman. And, yes, it might do life on earth a favour if ecocidal robbers were arrested, instead of innocent, non-violent protestors.


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