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/1983 -  live performance footage of Kamikaze Bard a year before 1984


/2020 Vision

/2020 Vision Video



/2023new10.gif (1226 bytes)

/2023newpagesnew10.gif (1226 bytes)




/a (translation of Buddha's Flower Sermon) + sound





/A to O (includes handy online dictionary)

/A to O (pdf version = 397KB!)

/A to Z - you are already here!


/Abortion Lullaby + sound

/Adverts (subverts!) welcome





/Ali (Muhammad Ali's Big Fight)


/Alphabet Soup (tasteless or tasty, U decide!)

/Alternative Energy (WIND power?)


/America (Gone West - an Englishman Abroad on Route 66)

/American Mix + Sound

/Anagram (see the light!)

/Anecdote (Meeting Ginsberg)


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/AnimalsMIX (Dumb Animals - the Worst Bestiary) + sound REVISED

/Anniversaries 2005

/Anniversaries 2006

/Anniversaries 2007

/Anniversaries 2008

/Anniversaries 2009

/Anniversaries 2010

/Anniversaries 2011

/Anniversaries 2012

/Anniversaries 2013

/Anniversaries 2014

/Antics (Falklands War Film, 25th Anniv. 2007)

/Anti-G8 (4th July 2005, Edinburgh)



/Apple  A New Translation

/Apple Core (Hub page for all Apple-related pages on this site)new10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Apple Cosmos (Performing with Apple in front of the Cosmos!) new10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Apple for Teacher

/Apple Hubble Film

/Apple Tree (Free Tree!)

/April + music



/Art Collection




/At Half a Century 


/August + music

/Autobiographics (Portraits of the Artist in a variety of disguises)

/Autumn (Namur King)new10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Autumnal (Equinox) + sound

/Aviary (Ornithology made easy! Internal links to our feathered friends...) with music - guess the tune


/BAA (Mary had a little...)


/Ballet (Toy Robot Ballet in the Shopping Mall) Video re-instated


/Ballroom Dancing for Militant Feminists!? NOW WITH A SONG TOO! (Hilarious or what?)


/Banana Skin - the oldest joke in the world? (+ sound)LDK Bardsmall.jpg (55223 bytes)


/BARBARITY at Babraham (Animal Research Laboratory) - now with audio of live performance


/Beards (Long & White)


/Beatles (Fab 4 songtitles & pretty pictures!) +sound

/Beckett? (Posthumous text from old Sam!)

/Behan (Brendan Behan's Brother Brian)


/Bible (Fundamentalist Fun!)

/Big Top

/Birds -rebellious birds....(Published, Radical Scotland) + sound

/Bird Flu + a song to warm your cockles!

/Black & White Rock against Racism(new animation)

/Black Hole (Stephen Hawking's Worst Nightmare)


/Blake (William Blake's Libertarian Vision)

/Blank  [+ audio-loop created from John Martyn's 'Small Hours']



/Blood Relations (gory animation!)

/Blossom (Apple Blossom Time - photo & song)



/Bobby (Greyfriars Bobby, photo + music)

/Bomb in Bali


/Boobies (don't you step on their blue webbed feet!) + music

/Book of Life

/Booze Blues (Never Again!) + music loop




/Brain (No Topping a Lobotomy)


/Brave Night Out

/bread - a recipe!


/Brick Horizons

/Brixton Riot BLITZ ON BRIXTON sung live reggae track

/Buddha (Changing Seasons in the Garden, photos )


/BUM (A comic history of the Bomb)

/Bunch of Flowers

/Bunting (Basil Bunting)

/Bush (A reply to George...)

/Bygone June

/Bygone July (1987 - Edinburgh Festival)

/Byron - get one free!


/Cannabis - the Healing Herb! Page updated & revised. Now with music!

/Capitalist + sound

/Carfire video


/Carved words


/Cat (Schrödinger's Cat - a Quantum Song!)




/CG (Computer-generated Song)


/Chaos (newly animated!)



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/Charley (A Right Royal...)






/Christmasbulb2.gif (1675 bytes) (get your xmas cliches here...) with  countdown clock...how many shopping days left? (now with SOUND)


/Circus + sound




/Coal Patterns



/Cold Mountain

/Commitment (Political Commitment & the Poetry of Ferlinghetti)





/Contents (another way thru the Maze!) now with sound!



/COP Climate Change Conference 2021

/Corona Central

/Corona Chic

/Corona Clap

/Corona Graffiti

/Coronavirus (Love in the Time of Coronavirus)







/Crisps (Plutonium-flavored!) Now with audio of live performance

/Crystal  Ball




/Cycling is Prohibited  (plus audio of live performance from Edinburgh Fringe)


/Daffodils (Broadcast BBC Radio 4) - an improvement on Wordswords -  SPRING on a Shoestring + audio UPDATED

/Daffodil (dwarf) SPRING SPECIAL!


/Dance Kicks + sound (salsa!) updated_rainbow.gif (2361 bytes)

/Dandelion with sound updated_rainbow.gif (2361 bytes)

/Dantenew10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Davy Crockett?

/Deaf & Dumbshow

/Death + sound

/Deathbednew10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Death-defying Stunt! (Must be SEEN to be DISBELIEVED!)

/December + medley of festive favourites!


/Diarynew10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Dig Video

/Digital Offer- 2 for the price of 1!! + sound



/DOG (Year of the Dog/doggerel)

/Dogs (photo) updated with music

/Dog Video (Year of the Dog: the movie!) Raw performance footage...


/Doves (photo & VIDEO)

/Dream (Martin Luther King & John Lennon, 2 prophets assassinated. Sound & Vision)


/Dracula (Hallowe'en-Theme Night at the Cabaret Macabre)


/Dream On


/Drum (video)

/Drummer (that Little Drummer Boy!)

/DJ + sound


/Dystopia (True Stories)

/Eagle (Philippines Eagle - photos & a question mark) plus music



/Earth matters (Eco mix)+ audio (Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi)

/Easter Suite updated with SOUND







/Eligible Bachelor ****now with Performance Video****

/Elvis + sound



/Emperor (Song of the Emperor: George Bush II)

/Empyre 9/11(with brief video footage)


/Endorsements (what some literary 'celebrities' have said about DK's work)



/Ephemera (or JOBlogs ~ topical jottings)





/Exams (Down wiv!)

/Exams Examined

/Experience (Peak Experience)





/Fairytale - pdf version, color & different typeface

/Falkland s War (Broadcast BBC Radio 1) - Frantic Antics in the South Atlantic + performance audio

/FART (Fascinating Facts & Fantasies about Farting) +sound

/Fast Food - Boycott US junk food!

/Fat (Sugar, Salt & FAT! McDonald's?)


/Faucet (or TAP as anglo-saxons say!) + sound!

/Faustus (Language & Reality in Doctor Faustus)

/February + music

/Feedback? (Don't be shy - tell me what you really think!) (MUSIC)





/Fire-eating + sound



/Flashbacks (Acid-flavored hippy trippy pix with music!)


/Flowers (where have all the flowers gone? Half the world's flora now under threat...)



/FOOD (menu to titillate your tastebuds!) + sound

/FOOT - take a fresh look at that thing on the end of your leg!

/Footage (Links to Video Footage of Live Performance) + music




/Fowl (or should that be foul?)

/Fox (video)




/Free Country? (well, is it?) + sound

/FREEDOM Automatic + song

/Free monkey (with SOUND!)

/Frog (photos)

/Frozen (Zen? Quasi-haiku)



/Gamble? (Go on, have a flutter! You might even win, against the odds...)


/Garden (photo)

/Gay Gordons / Dancing Queens (NOW WITH A FUNNY SONG TOO!)

/Gaza (Palestine & Israel)

/Genoa G8


/Geometry (A lesson in love?)0000live2.gif (7426 bytes)

/Gleneagles G8





/Goldie -the Golden Eagle

/Gormless Gourmand

/Götterdämmerung (the morning after...) + Wagner's music!



/Greenham How to surround a US military base!



/Gulliver's Wife(The Woman Gulliver Left Behind, short story, pdf)




/Hand (video)

/Happiness How to achieve it...? + sound


/Head to Foot


/Heron (it hasn't has got a leg to stand on!)

/Hill (On Calton Hill, Edinburgh) Now with audio of live performance




/Hole in A FIeld(story)


/Holy Holocaust(Fundamentalist Fun!)


/Homeless Video


/Hope ('The Triumph of Hope over Experience'?)



/Horse +sound


/Hot X Bun



/Human Condition

/Icarus Ridiculous fly.gif (28940 bytes)


/Icon? (PLAYBOY of the Western World?)





/Index   - Opening Page +sound


/Investiture Verses - (Prince Charley 1969)


/Iraq Attack + sound

/Ireland  (the euphemistic 'Troubles')

/January + music

/Jacko (Michael Jackson)

/Japan (Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Fire) quasi-haiku


/J.C. (Jeremy Corbyn)


/Joker + sound!


/Juggling + sound! JugglingAnim.gif (15214 bytes)

/June + music

/July + music


/Kamikaze Bard  (explanation of the name) 

/Keats (essay)


/kiss (Fun Animations!) FOR MY VALENTINE?




/Ladybird Circus




/Last Chants

/Late News updated (with music)0000pub2.gif (4309 bytes)



/Lebanon (UN quibble over ceasefire)


/Lest I forget   (marital blues)


/Life is too short (the PC-user's complaint)updated with music

/Listless? Fireworks?(fun   applet)   

/LitBio Brief Literary Bio

/Literary  Links                                                                                                                                                                      Top

/Littery Remains (recently discovered Shakespearian fragment!)


/Location Update Updated

/Loneliness (of the long-distance punner!)



/Love? + sound


/LUST (Songs of Frustrated Lust & Seduction)

/Magellan (Magellan's Cross, Cebu - photos)

/Maggie (In Memoriam Margaret Thatcher video)

/Magic (look here for a real magic trick!) now with added music


/Magic Bone (A Dog's Dream) - Children's Story

/Magic Bone (a dog's dream) (Children's Story PDF version)


/Man in Manila



/Marine Pollution

/March + music


/May + music

/Mayday + sound


/Mega Mall (shopping in a poor country)


/Memento Mori (Photo with music)


/Mephisto (Hallowe'en special!)


/Millenium (A New Year's Eve to Remember?) + sound (Auld Lang Syne)


/Milne's Bar (Edinburgh, Poets' Pub)

/Miners' Strike + audio performance




/Money (Can't Buy Me...?) + sound

/Monthlymix ( for your orientation in Time)+ now with music!


/More or less (Mies van der Rohe ain't got nothing on this!)

/Mrs Blake





/Namur King


/NATO (Cold War relic) sung music hall stylee


/Needle (Love/death song)


/New Guru

/News of the World

/newsreal 9/11 + sound (Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner)


/Noah's Ark

/Nocturne (Nightlife in the Tropics)


/Not Amused (IN THE QUEEN'S BEDROOM! UP THE REPUBLIC!!!) + audio performance



/November + music

/Nowhere Man + sound

/nuclear-free zone (anti-nuke index)



/Obama (a clerihew)



/October + music






/Oldnewnew10.gif (1226 bytes)

/Oldies (Eyes) + sound

/Omnibus/Hijack the World! (Published, The Guardian)








/Parable + sound (Tallis, Spem in Alium)




/Peace Piece


/Pee (take a leak...)

/Peek (take a peek...)



/Performing Dog   (anim.+ sound)UPDATED



/Philippines - new material plus music

/Photos (some pretty pictures & some not so pretty)

/Pidgin (the Mutant Pidgin Problem)

/Pigshit plus audio pwrformance

/Pissed  (Drunken student desecrates war memorial)

/Pillock - re Jackson Pollock

/Plato (Greek Philosophy Made Simple?!)




/police  + Live Performance Audio

/policeman (Live performance video)

/POLITIXmix(Index of political pieces - & animated performance) + sound


/POODLES (Against Blair)


/Porno (Bawdy or wot?!)



/Possible (Another World is Possible)

/Poster (Printable A4 Landscape poster, Self-portrait of the Artist as Outlaw, 363KB pdf)



/press cuttings (The Daily Mirror, The Guardian)


/Project Earth

/Printing - Song of the Jobbing Printer

/Prince (Prince William & the Helicopter)

/Prohibited (video)

/Prophet & Loss? (Cartoon Controversy)

/Prose - Fiction & Non-Fiction

/Prospectus (Retreat Centre for Lonely Hermits, Tibetan Buddhist-style!)

/'Proudhon  (Property is Theft?) + sound



/Quakers (first published in Quaker Monthly)


/Quantum Dancing (purple rainbow prose for party people) + sound

/Queen (The Queen's Bedroom Video!)




/Rabbit Bus ( + sound)

/Radio-isotopes (song of the) uttered aloud, so turn on yer sound

/Rainbow (+ 'Rainbow Bridge' music)

/Rainbow Body

/Raving Reporter(with special appearance by Homer Simpson!)



/Recorded Delivery (list of vaudeville verse vocal tracks)

/Rejoice! declaimed in yer actual audio

/Religion + sound

/Remembrance Day (not just for November 11th) + audio (the Last Post)

/Remix (Da Vy Kings: CG Song, Secret Mix) audio



/review2  FREER & LOAFING! (trippy gif!)

/Revolution (of the wheel: French & Russian) + sound




/Riot (Anthem or Doomed Youth?) sound

/Road (Travelling on a Tricycle in the Philippines)


/Robin video

/Royal Babies

/Royal Wedding

/RRfiles  (Index of Peripatetic Prose by Your Raving Reporter)

/Rubbish Dump


/Safe Sex Made Simple, novella (pdf) - download for reading offline

/Sam  Beckett

/San Francisco (If you're going to...) + that song!



/Samuel Palmer






/Schrödinger's Cat (Quantum Song - alt. version)


/Scrapbook: Iraq


/Scribendi Cacoethes

/Script (unbroadcast Radio - comic tour of Edinburgh's Royal Mile) + soundanimjapwaveKB.gif (37208 bytes)

/Sea (some questions of a Maritime nature) + sound!


/Seaside, dirty postcard + sound!

/Seasonal pun

/Seasons (the FIGHT OF THE YEAR)


/Senior Citizen

/September + music



/Sex? (with love) + sound


/She that is I (A Romantic Horror Story)

/Shh (Live Performance video of Interrogation of the  Sea)


/Shop (please support this site. Help davyking.com to continue. Thanks)





/Silos (Dance on the Silos, Greenham Common Song, Video)

/Simplify! (The GREEN IMPERATIVE!)



/Skeleton Man song  


/Skool (The happiest days of our lives? You must be joking!)


/Smoking (Ex-Smoker comes clean on a dirty habit!)


/Snowbirds (video)



/Song of Myself

/Southern Cross





N.B. None of these pages has quite reached final form yet & each will be revised as time & energy allow.

So, please revisit regularly for updates & additions...

updated_rainbow.gif (2361 bytes)


/Spoof (Rudery!)

/Spring (photo)



/S.S. (Short Story pdf)


/St. Paul's

/St.Swithin's Day + sound loop

/Stage-struck (Performance Index)   +audio

/Star Wars(Action-packed fun for all the family!)



/Stirling (University Sit-in, Student Protest, 1972)





/Sufi Blues

/Sugar (photo essay)


/Supernova (Patrick Moore, This is Your Life!) + sound

/Supertankers 19 NOV 2002 - old prophecy comes true!






/Technical Note

/Teddy Bears (for the infantile & those of us approaching 2nd childhood?)

/Teddy Bear's Xmas bulb2.gif (1675 bytes)(Children's Story)


/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

/Thatcher (have a laugh at the Iron Lady) (Published, Radical Scotland)

/Therapy  (Psychotherapy or That's Show Business!)

/The Word (In the Beginning, Paradise Revisted)


/Threnody for Three

/Time Zones includes WORLD CLOCK! + sound




/Today has never been before....

/Toilet paper

/Tomorrow's News from the Concrete Jungle! +  big audio performance (456 Kb)

/Torture (the latest fashions)


/Translation (of Buddha's Flower Sermon video)


/Travel-ogling + sound


/Trial (The truth! Includes 5 pdfs)

/Tricycle (Travels on a...) + sound

/Trinity (Atomic Test)






/Tuvalu (Global Warming threatens to drown world)

/TV or not TV now with added audio! (DK live)


/Two  (for my young son)

/Tyger (William Blake, you should be living at this hour!) + sound











/Vegetarian (Compulsory Reading for Carnivores!)

/Venice (Death in) + music


/Vision Non-verbal experience (view in Internet Explorer for full effect)chameleonrainbowsmall.gif (30456 bytes) + sound

/Visitors (Geographical distribution of visitors to this site)


/Wakefield Mystery (short story)


/War & Peace mix + Music

/water (HOH HOH H2O) (+ Rhapsody in Blue)

/Waterpump (Englishman Abroad in the Philippines!) + sound

/Waterpump 2 (Home on the Farm) + sound

/Waterpump 3



/Way to Die - Quick & Painless! (Killer animation!)(+ Audio: 'Don't Fear The Reaper')


/webcast? (WAR) + sound0000bannerdisplay.gif (3936 bytes)

/Wet - comic novella, SAFE SEX MADE SIMPLE

/Wetstuff (all you need to know about water!) + sound

/whales - the final solution? Kill 'em! + sound

/Whale2 (Remember?)+ sound (sperm whale song)


/Wheel of the Year

/Whisky's risky but it gets you frisky... + sound

/Wicked Man (or Freud for Beginners!)


/William Blake

/Wilde (Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray)

/wine (Cheers!)


/Winter (white space)

/Winter Is





/Xmas Eve/ Silent Nightbulb2.gif (1675 bytes) (now with SOUND)

/xmaspresent (A Perennial Favorite!)bulb2.gif (1675 bytes) + sound

/XR - Extinction Rebellion 2019

/X-rated Xmas (Letter to Santa!)bulb2.gif (1675 bytes) + sound

/Ya Azim

/Yoga Lesson (That'll teach you!)

/Yoga Lesson Video


/zzz (Bedtime Reading!)

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